4 Tips to Bike Safely With Kids

School is out, and we know all parents can agree that they want to keep their kids entertained and encourage them to spend time outdoors. Family bike rides are a great weekend or afternoon activity. We want to make sure your kiddos are safe whether they are biking or riding. Here are four tips to bike safely with kids.


1. Wear a Helmet

Bike safety is an important lesson that all kids should have. Even if they are riding up and down the street, they should still wear a helmet. A helmet should properly fit their head - not too tight or too loose. Get kids in the habit of wearing a helmet every time they hop on their bikes. Little guys riding in a trailer should also wear a helmet. Set a good example for your kids and wear a helmet too!

2. Fix Up Their Bike With Safety Gear

Bikers are hard enough to see, but small kids are even harder. Fix up their bike with reflective tape, a headlight, and tail light. Even if you don’t anticipate riding in the dark, it’s best to have safety measures in place, just in case you don’t make it home before sundown. 

Make sure to add reflective tape to trailers too. Even if a child is just riding, they need to be protected too. Some parents add a flag to trailers to ensure everyone on the road knows they are carrying precious cargo.

3. Pick the Right Bike

A bike that doesn’t fit their skill level or size could end up hurting them. A typical path for a child goes like this:

We love the balance bike because it’s designed for little riders ages 1.5 to 6. The Flip Flop teaches kids how to ride a bike without clumsy training wheels. When they’re ready, the frame flips over allowing the bike to grow with your little rider and spend an extra year on the road. And because we make cargo bikes around here, it comes with a tiny cargo rack to haul toys, snacks, and imaginary friends!

Once they’ve mastered the balance bike, they’re ready to pick a 2-wheel e-bike of their own. 


4. Pick The Right Bike Paths

You shouldn’t be picking paths that are too challenging for your little one. You might end up carrying them and their bike back home! Start with short and flat trails and see how they do. As they grow, your child will be able to do more challenging bike rides but for now, start with casual rides around the neighborhood.

Additionally, start your child off on quiet trails, not busy streets. That way, they can hear verbal cues from you if needed. You can relax knowing no big mishaps will happen on a busy street. If you want ideas for kid-friendly trails, check out this blog.

We know it can be a challenge to keep your kids busy during summer break. Biking is great for quality family time, exercise, and fresh air. We hope you take advantage of the warm weather and maybe start a new family tradition!