What to Expect During Your Service Appointment

Whether you're bringing in your ebike for a mechanical issue or annual maintenance, we strive to resolve every problem and make your service appointment as convenient as possible. We understand dropping off your ebike for any kind of maintenance can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you don't know the shop or your mechanic.


Rest assured that with us, your ebike is in the right hands. Today, we wanted to provide some information to learn more about our servicing process and what you can expect when you book your next ebike service appointment. 


2 Tips for E-Bike Maintenance

Bicycle service and maintenance throughout the year is the key to owning a happy bike. Proper care provides a longer life, smoother ride, and an overall better experience.


Regular bicycle tune-ups give a mechanic a closer look at the inner workings of a bicycle, such as braking systems, shifting systems, wheel/spoke conditions, bearings/cups, and so much more. Thorough service on a bicycle will make it ride great and last longer. The rider also gains insight into wear and tear items such as tire condition, drivetrain and chain wear, state of the brake system, suspension functions, and many other details. Keep your bike happy, and it will keep you happy!


1. Check tire inflation every time you ride.

Specific and official tire pressures (PSI) are found on the sidewall of the tire. It is very important to know how to use an inflation tool, whether it's a pump, a CO2, or an air compressor and gauge. 


Tire condition is a big factor as well. Check closely for weathering or cracking between your tread patterns and along the sidewalls. Low tire pressures create resistance for the rider.


2. Keep your chain lubed and clean (dry lube is nice, depending on your region).

This is done by applying lube to the chain directly and then wiping it off. The lube will sneak into the links and rollers and push the dirt and debris out into your rag. Keep wiping until clean; the lube will exist on and in your chain. Do this regularly to ensure smooth shifting and even drivetrain wear.


Service Appointments at Electric Wheels of CO

This will be your experience when scheduling a service appointment at Electric Wheels!


Schedule an Appointment

Spring is the perfect time to service your ebike. Summer is coming, so you’ll want your ebike in its best condition to get the most out of your rides. 


If you frequently biked during the winter, we recommend getting a full ebike service before the summer season. Winter elements like weather, rocks, and ice melt can break down and erode bike parts faster than in warmer weather. These factors mainly affect your brakes, housing, and drivetrain, all of which you want in working condition. A full service will address any issues with your ebike and ensure it’s safe to ride for the summer. 


Even if you stored your ebike during the winter, booking a service appointment is still a good idea. Your ebike’s battery can have charging issues after long periods of inactivity. Having a mechanic take at the battery, tire air pressure, brakes, and other components of your ebike is also a way to mitigate any future problems. 


Let us take care of annual maintenance! You can book an appointment with us here. Once you’ve been scheduled and received your appointment confirmation, you’ll get a few more details on what to expect during your service before and during drop-off. 


Drop off and Meet with our Mechanic

When it’s time for your appointment, swing by the store and drop off your ebike. Kris Swanson, our lead mechanic and service manager, will service your ebike. He has years of experience servicing all kinds of ebike brands and issues, and you can rely on him for anything from simple maintenance and complicated mechanical problems. Your bike will be in good hands with all our knowledgeable and friendly mechanics.

Kris will confirm what you came in for and ask if you have any questions or concerns with your ebike or upcoming service. He’ll learn what problems you’re experiencing, take a quick look, then give you an estimated cost and pickup time. Kris will communicate service changes and updates with you while he evaluates and fixes your ebike. If you need new replacement parts during the evaluation, Kris will contact you with the information and estimated part cost. 


Pick Up

When you come by to pick up your ebike, Kris will walk you through what he did to repair your ebike. He’s happy to answer any questions you have about his fixes. The cost of any new service parts will be added to your final checkout total.

After you and Kris decide everything looks good, off you go! You’re good to start the summer biking season right. If you have any questions after pickup, feel free to get in touch with Kris or contact us! We will respond promptly and make sure you have everything you need for your ebike to stay in working condition. 


At Electric Wheels of CO, your ebike is in the best hands possible, and we will do everything to guarantee you have a positive service experience. We hope this overview helped prepare you for your upcoming ebike maintenance appointment! 

If you have any questions on what we can do for you or other services we offer, check out our full services page or contact us with your questions. Service appointments fill up fast in April and May, so schedule yours soon!


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