Top 5 eBike Accessories

Now that you have an eBike, you need some accessories to go along with it! We’ve put together a list of the top 5 accessories you need to have a great ride.


1. Helmet
An obvious one, but still deserves to be mentioned! Helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by 45%. Riders of all ages should wear a helmet, especially if you are riding on the street with vehicles. 

Best for Trail Riders  Best for Urban City Riding Best for Kids
Smith Session MIPS Helmet Thousand Helmet Heritage Collection Kidzamo Candy Kids Helmet
This helmet is designed for trail riders that demand a balance of style, protection, and ventilation. The top has massive airports which combine with internal air channels to allow for maximum airflow and ventilation. Designed for urban city riding, the minimalist Heritage bike helmets are our original collection, inspired by the simplicity of vintage moto lids and the heritage colorways of the 50s and 60s. This helmet is as fun in style as it is safe. It has 11 vent construction, twist adjust retention system, and a tri-Glide retention system. There are a lot of different styles for girls and boys!


2. Smartphone Bar Mount

You DO NOT want to keep your phone in your pocket during a ride. How many of us have ever done that and had our phone fall while riding? It is no fun! Secure your phone using this Smartphone bar mount. This rotating universal smartphone mount allows mounting on both handlebars and stems, so you can easily view in portrait or landscape. It can even be used on stroller handles and grocery carts! 


3. Air Pump

Don’t get stuck with a flat tire! Have an air pump on hand to quickly fill up your tires before a ride. Again, there are several styles you can choose from. 

Best Floor Pump Best Mini Pump
Topeak Joe Blow Sport III Floor Pump: Yellow Topeak Mini Dual DX/G Pump
The JoeBlow III continues the tradition of excellence for floor pump durability and performance while ushering in upgrades with an enlarged 3” chronograph inspired gauge and new hammer style TwinHead DX pump head.  
Features include a micro-size smarthead, in-line gauge, and dual-action pump. This pump is the perfect size to take with you on rides for an emergency flat tire fix.


4. Bike Lights

According to Colorado law, you must have a light on your bike while riding when it’s dark out. It’s a safety measure for bikers to make them more visible to other people on the road or trail. 

You must have:

  1. “A white headlight on the front of your bike that is visible for at least 500 feet
  2. A red reflector on the back of your bike that is visible to low-beam car headlights from at least 600 feet away
  3. Either reflectors on both sides of your bike that are visible to low-beam car headlights from a distance of 600 feet, or a lighted lamp visible from both sides from a distance of 500 feet.”
    White Headlight Red Reflector Combo Pack
    white bike headlight red bike light white and red bike lights
    Kryptonite Front Light Incite X6 Kryptonite Incite XBR Kryptonite X8 front Light and XBR Rear Light
    Kryptonite's new Incite X series of lights focuses less on lumen numbers, and more on high quality optics with extremely clear, precise beams designed to provide more light where you need it, and less where you don't. Because of this, they have chosen to rate them based on the lux scale rather than the lumen scale.

    ACCELERATION SENSOR - when speed is reduced by more than 1.6 m/s (5.76 km/hr or 3.58 mph) an additional LED is switched on.

    Combining both of these makes for a safe package for your nighttime riding.


    Water Bottle Cage

    These are lifesavers for long rides. Simply attach it to your bike and you’re ready to go. 

    Low Price Adjustable Commutes
    bike water bottle holder
    Minoura DuraCage Water Bottle Cage BiKASE - ABC Adjustable Drink Holder Topeak Modula Java Adjustable Water Bottle / Travel Mug Cage: Black
    The Dura-Cage is lightweight, durable, and designed to fit normal poly water bottles. Any Bottle Cage Adjustable bottle and drink holder, adjustable from 2.25" to 4.25" to fit almost any bottle, cup or container. Adjusts via easy to use twist knob similar to helmet systems.  
    The Modula Java Cage is the perfect solution for carrying a travel mug of coffee on an early morning cycling commute.