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Bagibikes are high quality machines first founded in Israel.  It was the first of its kind, becoming one of the first importers in 2010.  Beginning in 2004 the founder of Bagibike originally made his 16 year old son a gasoline powered scooter, from there the idea of Bagibike was born.

Coming from an extensive background of technical experience in electronics and mechanics.  Our manufacturers know exactly what components needs to be adapted or upgraded making Bagibike able to produce the best quality and customer satisfaction.

Our idea is to move the E-bike revolution forward.  We strongly believe in clean energy and eco-friendly transportation.  Even the majority of the parts we use on our E-bike have no or very little impact on the environment.  We live by this, transforming the E-bike industry into being very progressive and forward minded.  

8 products found in Bagi Bikes

Bagi Bike B10 Bold+ Fat Tire Plus
  • $2,640.00
Bagi Bike B20 Hero Plus Fat Tire
  • $2,640.00
Bagi Bike B26 Fat Tire Cruiser
  • $2,740.00
Bagi Bike Pannier - Saddle Bag
  • $75.00

Sold out

Bagi Bike B16
  • $1,540.00

Sold out

Bagi Bike B27 Comfort Cruiser Trail ST
  • $2,240.00

Sold out

Bagi Bike B20 Street
  • $1,890.00

Sold out

Bagi Bike B10 Street
  • $1,940.00