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Creator Jeff Anning first discovered motorized skateboards while checking the surf at his local Gold Coast, 4 years ago. He immediately searched the internet and sought to buy the best electric skateboard he could find. While he enjoyed the concept of a new way to carve that was akin to snowboarding or surfing, it ultimately didn't live up to his expectations as someone who had enjoyed skateboarding since he was a kid. The deck, trucks and wheels of the early electric skateboards that were available to purchase, were oversized, heavy and low quality, which severely affected the quality of the ride. After more research he uncovered an obvious neglect in the marketplace for one basic fundamental element – an efficient motorized skateboard that was built using real skateboard parts.


Evolve Skateboards - Voltaire CyclesOver the next 3 years, he set to work designing a mechanical set up that would attach to a quality longboard. He carefully choose each component until he’d created the highest quality electric carving machine possible.

When testing various electric motor skateboards, he found that a high wattage motor was only necessary for boards that were using heavy lead acid batteries, poor quality trucks, wheels, and decks. Interestingly, while testing several different electric skateboard motors in order to determine the ideal wattage to use for his boards, Jeff found that many of the motors actually rated significantly lower than what they were labeled as. (One of the leading brand's 500 watt motors only rated at 220 watts.)


Ultimately, Jeff discovered that a high quality 260 watt motor was able to reach a top speed of around 37kms/hr or 23mph. This proves that you don't need excessive power in a motor when all the mechanical components are top notch and optimized to work perfectly in unison. In early July 2012 the first run of boards were sent to customers who had preordered in anticipation around the world. By mid-July the first run had completely sold out and everyone knew the boards were not only fun, but also a high quality product.


The people behind Evolve USA are both old school and new generation skateboard and longboard enthusiasts. We've ridden just about everything, and over 8 years ago, were the first people to buy an electric longboard in the Midwest. We loved riding it, but just as Jeff had experienced, we discovered the boards were heavy, and didn't ride or feel smooth like a high quality longboard.  Once we found our passion for electric skateboards all those years ago, we've been waiting for a more reliable, lighter weight, longer running, more responsive design and product. We found that with Evolve Skateboards and are delighted that we can bring them to the USA and build them in our hometown!


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