Top 5 Autumn Bike Rides to See Fall Colors in Colorado

Are you ready to ride off the beaten path and explore new trails this fall? As the weather cools and leaves begin to turn, make it a weekend plan to bike in some of Colorado's beautiful mountains and forests. We love fall biking because of the extraordinary scenery, perfect weather, and fantastic trail conditions.

Whether you need to relieve some stress or take your new e-bike out for a spin, we've got some great trails for you to visit during the gorgeous fall season. We made sure to include rides that are e-bike friendly but be sure to check trail signage and follow all trail regulations. Get out and enjoy the scenery off the beaten path!

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Top 5 Fall Bike Rides

1. Monarch Crest, Salida

There’s a reason this trail is one of the best mountain biking trails in the world! You’ll begin this 10-mile trail above the tree line and slowly descend into the forest. You’ll view the trees as they turn green, yellow, orange, and red as you head downhill. You can stay on the main trail or try out different routes branching into the forest. Rainbow Trail is a solid option for an easy ride. Those searching for a challenge can try out the technical Silver Creek trail. No matter your skill level, this is a must-visit location! 

2. Rocky Mountain High Trail, Golden

Rocky Mountain High Trail is several bikers' go-to route to view the breathtaking color-changing trees. You’ll need to purchase a day pass to enter the Golden Gate Canyon State Park to access the trail. The pass will grant you access to other hiking and biking trails throughout the park, so make use of it and invite some friends and family! This 7-mile technical ride features steep uphill climbs and whirlwind rocky descents suitable for intermediate riders. You'll certainly enjoy the spectacular scenery and fall foliage during your ride!

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3. Spring Creek Trail 1160.1, Steamboat Springs

If you’re new to mountain biking or feel a bit rusty, don't worry! We have all kinds of e-bikes to get you ready and rolling to take on these stunning trails. Why not try out your new bike on Spring Creek Trail? This route has it all; mountain bike and foot hiking paths, delicate flowers, towering trees, killer rock formations, and a small creek running throughout the trail. This 3.7-mile ride is well suited for intermediate riders, with a few uphill sections and rocky descent paths. Luckily, this trail connects to some great beginner and higher-level trails if you need to slow it down or speed it up. Steamboat Springs is one of the best places to view the fall trees, so we definitely recommend stopping and enjoying the rides here. 

4. Longhorn Trail, Golden

Are you searching for a quick challenge? Advanced mountain bikers will love this ride in Golden! Longhorn Trail is a 3-mile out-and-back trail featuring sharp drops, uphill climbs, and speedy descents. The rocks along this route make it pretty advanced, so be careful if you're also planning to sightsee during your ride! Sprinkled throughout the trail are views overlooking the Front Range and North Table Mountain. The Front Range and Denver area have some beautiful fall scenery, and this trail makes it easy to soak it all in from a great vantage point.

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5. Lair O’ The Bear -- Bear Creek Trail, Morrison

Lair O’ The Bear is a technical route packed with fast climbs, flowy descents, and challenging switchbacks. This intermediate to advanced trail features obstacles like bumpy paths, tight squeezes, rock ramps, speedy rolling sections, and more. If you're ready to take it to the next level or bring it down a notch, the trail connects to a few other difficult and easier paths. The best part? The trail loops are for non-stop fun. Morrison is a wonderful place to view the autumn trees and take in the fall sights!

Ready to ride these trails as soon as the leaves turn amber and gold? We're already tuning up our bikes! Biking during Colorado's fall season is one of the best outdoor activities, and it's pretty hard to beat. We hope you like these trail suggestions! Where are you planning on riding this fall?

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