Top 10 E-Bike Friendly Mountain Trails

If you’ve ever been to Colorado during the summer, you know how miserable the dry heat can get. July is the hottest month in Colorado, often reaching highs of 90 degrees or more! If you want to switch up your usual gym routine and get out of the Denver heat, mountain biking is calling your name! Just don’t forget your water! Hydration is key at elevation.

Summer is the perfect time to get out and take on some mountain trails. The ground is usually dry, so it's safer to maneuver and try some technical challenges. At this time of the year, the mountains and scenery are breathtaking. One last question: Where should you go? We compiled a list of some of our favorite e-bike-friendly mountain trails. We included options friendly for every skill-level and technical difficulty. Ready to get out of the office and into some switchbacks? Here's our top ten list of e-bike-friendly mountain trails to try out this summer!

A Note About E-Bikes on Mountain Trails 

Although e-bikes have become more common in recent years, several trailheads do not allow them. There are concerns that e-bikes cause right-of-way conflicts on trails and are too fast for some technical portions of the ride. However, a lot of trails are now allowing some category one and two e-bikes. If you're unsure which category your e-bike falls under, check with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to confirm whether or not you're permitted to take your e-bike up trails. One great source to check if a trail is e-bike friendly is MTB Project. Always double-check the trail rules and regulations before you start your ride. 

Top 10 Mountain Trails for E-Bikes

1. Blue Grouse Trail, Golden Gate Canyon State Park

This 1.4-mile trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park isn't too difficult to complete and makes for some solid biking practice before you hit other trails. There is an entrance fee, but it's well worth the abundance of nature and accessible trails. 

2. South Shore Trail, Pueblo

This 25-mile trail in Lake Pueblo State Park features an even trail trekking through the desert and rocky mesas. There is an entrance fee to access this trail network. Most of the trails are easy to ride and offer spectacular views. Note that there are a few surprise drops or technical features along these paths. Luckily, this network is simple to navigate and great for practice. 

3. Centennial Cone, Jefferson

Centennial Cone is a great introductory trail for those who want to attempt some technical challenges. This 17.2-mile loop features a few hill climbs and switchbacks, but it isn't too bad for those who have some experience biking. 

4. North Table Loop, Golden

North Table Loop is a great introductory trail for intermediate riders that want a challenge. This trail is a 7.5-mile loop with sharp descents and a couple of switchbacks. However, riders speak highly of the views at the top of the incline. 

5. Bear Creek and Deadman’s Gulch, Crested Butte

Located in Gunnison National Forest, this 25-mile route is a bit more challenging and well-suited for those with technical mountain biking experience. There are over 1,200 feet of elevation gain and some sharp inclines, but the views and fast descent are well worth the workout!

6. Doctor Park, Crested Butte

Also located in Gunnison National Forest, this is another challenging route with 19 miles of technical biking and an elevation gain of 900 feet. You can only visit this trail during the summer months, so take advantage of this opportunity while it's available! 

7. Teocalli Ridge Loop, Crested Butte

The mountain trail features almost 12 miles of steep climbs and breathtaking views. The descent is challenging, but many intermediate riders will be able to complete it.

8. Buffalo Creek Big Loop, Pine

Buffalo Creek is a 24.3-mile loop that is mostly uphill. You won’t need to maneuver many technical areas, but you should know that there is a challenging rocky descent. 

9. Mount Falcon and Lair of the Bear Loop, Morrison

This technical climb is a 19-mile loop with a few switchbacks and hill climbing. This trail is part of a network that connects to a couple of others, Parmalee being the most popular. E-Bikes are allowed on these other trails as well. 

10. Sidewinder Trail, Delta 

Weave through 19 miles of rocky single-track, technical ascents, and desert sand. You could probably consider this trail the most technical on this list, so you should be confident in mountain biking before taking this one on. 

Whew, we’re winded just from these suggestions! Whether you're just starting to learn how to maneuver the mountains or a trained professional, these trails are sure to contribute to some great summer memories. We hope you visit some of our favorite mountain trails (or at least have a few ideas for your next ride!) Ready to get out and take your e-bike for a spin? What trails are you visiting this summer?

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