E-Bike Gifting Guide

Have you started your holiday gift shopping yet? If not, this is your sign! The holidays and gift-giving season have snuck up on us, and now is the time to get gifts in order. If you’re shopping for someone who loves biking, exploring the outdoors, or could use an upgrade, we’ve got the solution: an e-bike! 

E-bikes are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to someone. They'll appreciate the time, effort, and money you put towards this gift. If you’re eager to start shopping for your future e-bike owner, we’ve got you covered. 

Why an E-Bike is a Good Gift

E-bikes make for a great gift because they promote health, last several years, and are a sustainable option for commuters. Your recipient can get around fast without having to worry about environmental impact. These aren’t the only benefits! Riders love the performance, colors, and mobility e-bikes offer compared to traditional bikes. E-bikes are an investment, but the payoff is more than worth it. With proper care and maintenance, e-bikes can last for years! 

If you have someone who's been hinting at wanting an e-bike for a while, give them the experience to try one out themselves! We offer more than ten e-bike brands in hundreds of models, colors, and styles. Schedule an e-bike personal sales consultation to meet our friendly staff and get personalized recommendations on the e-bike right for them. Tagging along with your recipient and letting them pick an e-bike they like ensures they love the gift.

You don’t have to stop the gift-giving at an e-bike! We offer tons of accessories that make rides a little bit sweeter. Plus, you won’t have to shop anywhere else. These accessories are affordable, so you can coordinate gift-giving with your family and set up the receiver with the whole e-bike package. Accessorizing an e-bike is an awesome idea for encouraging the receiver to get out and go for a ride! 

Accessories to Gift

1. Helmet

Helmets are an essential e-bike accessory gift! Electric bike riders need more head protection compared to traditional bikes, especially if they’re taking it on trails or off roads. We carry high-quality, protective helmets for mountain biking, casual riding, and everything in between. Check out our selection online or in-store to see all the different styles and colors we offer, starting at just $75! 

2. Riding Basket

Riding baskets are a convenient and hassle-free way to carry all your bags! Consider a riding basket for commuting or errand-running. We offer durable, personalized riding baskets compatible with most e-bikes, starting at just $39. We also offer a wide selection of messenger bags, panniers, saddle bags, wicker baskets, and pet baskets! You can rest assured that your items are safe and sound during your ride.

3. Bell/horn

A bell is crucial if you're gifting an e-bike to a rider who frequents high-traffic areas. It's important to let other people and riders know you're around to avoid accidents. We sell e-bike bells that take up less room on your handles, have a loud (but not too jarring) sound, easy to reach, and are functional for your biking purposes. Starting at just $7, bells aren’t too pricey!

4. Eyewear

Don’t risk breaking your nice sunglasses! When you’re on a bike ride, anything can happen. We recommend not wearing your regular, fashionable sunglasses while on bike rides because they aren’t made for high-intensity exercise. Instead, pick up a pair of specialized sunglasses made for bike riding! Our selection doesn't compromise style for safety, either. Consider a pair of Sunclouds for a variety of styles and sun protection. If you’re looking for something with a bit more performance in mind, browse our Smith collection. Our eyewear selection starts at $55! 

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be impossible when you’re shopping with us! Whether it’s an e-bike or an accessory, we’re committed to delivering quality products your recipient will love. Contact us today to browse e-bikes, find the best riding accessories, and find the perfect gift! 

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