How to Maintain Your Electric Bike

Now that you have decided to invest in an electric bike, we want to teach you how to maintain it. The better you maintain your e-bike, the longer it will last without repairs. Let’s get into how to maintain your electric bike so you can continue riding it for years to come!


Battery Care

Since the battery is what makes the e-bike run, it needs to be in top condition. Your battery is also the most expensive part of your e-bike so…..good battery care will extend the life of your battery. Remember, your lithium-ion battery will age over time, even if you don’t use it. Read tips on how to care for your battery in this blog. Here is a general overview of how you should be caring for your electric battery.

  • Keep the battery over 80% charge when not in use
  • Store your electric bike at the optimum temperature of 60-70°F and in a state of charge of approximately 60% when storing the bike over a lengthy period of time
  • Charge your battery in dry conditions and at room temperature
  • During the riding season, top off the battery after every ride
  • Do not leave the battery charging overnight or leave it unattended



Riding in temperatures below 14°F and above 120°F should be avoided. Operating your bike closer to those temps will be more demanding, and you will have less performance in terms of power and range. When riding your electric bike in the winter, especially below 32°F, we recommend waiting briefly before departure to insert the battery. For frequent travel in the cold, it is advisable to use a thermal protective wrap.



Similar to traditional bikes, ensure your tires are properly inflated. If they are even slightly low, you’re increasing the risk of puncture. 


We recommend wiping the motor and moving parts clean of dust and dirt after a ride. Also, occasionally cleaning and lightly greasing the plug terminals will ensure a solid, clean connection.


To protect the electronic components, the rechargeable battery should not be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. Before cleaning, remove the battery. There are products sold at Electric Wheels to aid cleaning on specific areas of the bike.


E-bikes are built to last longer than traditional bikes if properly cared for. A yearly tune-up before riding season is recommended to ensure the health and safety of your bike and electrical system. If your e-bike needs maintenance or a tune up , you can schedule an appointment with our mechanics.


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