How to Pick the Perfect eBike For You

Are you in the market for an eBike? It can be challenging to pick the perfect one for you based on your individual needs. That’s why we are bringing this blog to you today. We’ll help you decide which eBike is right for you based on why you want one and pricing. Let’s get into it.


How will you use your eBike? Will you be commuting to work, riding in the mountains, or taking casual rides with the family around the neighborhood? The reason you want an eBike is a major factor in deciding which one to buy. 

Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTBs)

eMTBs are all about performance. When you purchase an electric mountain bike, you want to make sure it’s going to hold up against rocks, hills, dirt, and everything else you can find on mountain trails. 

Fitness Bikes

If you have fitness in mind, these bikes from Yamaha are perfect for getting exercise around town. Whether it’s hitting the roads, the gravel or just all around.  


All Around

For all around riding Magnum eBikes are a favorite. As one of the longest-standing eBike brands, Magnum is a champion of innovation and design. We believe electric bicycles are changing the concept of travel by providing a clean, efficient, and exciting new mode of transportation that is affordable to all.



Folding eBikes are our favorite for commuting. The all-terrain tires give a smooth ride over nearly any terrain. The folding aluminum frame makes it easy for storage in an office. It can go anywhere in comfort.

Bikes for Small Kids

We recommend Cargo eBikes for biking with little kids who cannot ride alone. Parents love the added stability over their wiggly load. You can customize these bikes with add-ons such as front cargo containers, bench seats, and rain canopies.

The other option for kids who are learning to ride a bike is our balance bike. Designed for little riders ages 1.5 to 6, the Flip Flop teaches kids how to ride a bike without clumsy training wheels. When they’re ready, the frame flips over allowing the bike to grow with your little rider. 


Cruisers are the best option for those looking to take occasional bike rides around the neighborhood. This collection is full of easy riders that are up for a laid-back ride, errand trips, to dinner, or just out for fresh air.


We know price is important to everyone. The vast majority of quality eBikes are priced between $1,900-$3,700. Bikes in this category are engineered as eBikes and are designed by reputable eBike manufacturers who have a lot invested in building their brand. The price depends on the materials used, manufacturer, and performance features. For example, electric mountain bikes are typically more expensive than a standard road eBike because it’s features are built to be ridden over rougher terrain. 

To compare, you can expect to spend anywhere between $200-$5,000 on traditional bikes. As you can see, eBikes aren’t always more expensive than traditional bikes, which is a common misconception. You can learn more about the similarities and differences between eBikes and traditional bikes in this blog.

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We gave you a lot to think about when picking the right eBike for you. We recommend chatting with one of our expert sales team members to finalize your decision. You can visit us in-store or contact us online. We look forward to serving you!