Biking for Good in Your Community: The Ride Spot App

How would you like a free app that combines the best of Instagram and the functionality of a fitness tracker? Ride Spot is an app made just for bikers. This app will show you surrounding routes, record your ride stats, and connect you with locals. You can complete challenges or join local biking events. Additionally, you receive a curated biking feed showing pictures and descriptions of different routes. Sounds interesting? Below, we’ll take you through a mini-tour of the app and show you its functionality, benefits, and importance.


How to Use the App

For Riding on Your Own

First, download the app on your phone and create an account. The home page displays two buttons on the right-hand side as routes and events and records a ride. The bottom banner shows five tabs: Home page, my rides, scan, social feed, and settings.  


Before you start a ride, go to your profile and tap "bikes". Add the bike’s brand, model, year, color, serial number, and additional information. You can also upload pictures of your bike.


Once you’ve uploaded your information, get riding! To search for routes, press the routes and events button on the bottom right corner of the home page. You can allow the app to track your location for easier route access. Otherwise, enter your location or zip code in the search bar. Tap on a route you’d like to complete, then press start ride. The app will show you a route map and connect to your Bluetooth. The banner at the top will show your current speed, distance, and moving time. To end your ride, tap the bottom right icon (it looks like two red flags crossed over one another). 


When you have completed your ride, a screen will appear showing the ride name, ride category, the bike you are riding, and an option to include a ride story and photos. These photos and descriptions are shared either publicly or privately.


You can record your rides and upload them to the app. Select ‘record ride’ from the icons on the home screen, and begin your ride. When you’ve finished the route, you have the option to post the route, photos, and a short description of your ride to your feed. 


To Join Events

Ride Spot is a great app that lists organized events from other local riders or bike shops. To find an event, tap “routes and events” on the bottom right. When you select a ride, there is a post showing the map of the ride, a description of the ride, pictures, and ride information (including distance, cadence, elevation, average ride time, and speed.)


You can also filter the bike rides you would prefer to go on. You can filter by the ride type, ride distance in miles, and your search radius. The process for recording your ride and publishing it is similar to posting solo rides.


Other Features

My Rides is the second icon from the left on the bottom banner. Here, you'll see the rides you've completed, routes uploaded, and your ride statistics. To upload routes, go to, then click ‘Create’ and follow the instructions. Note that you can make or upload routes only from the website, not the app. The scan option is a QR code scanner. When you scan the code, the screen will show a route. Social feed shows a list of upcoming bike events, featured rides, and posts from your followers and those you follow. Overall, the app is simple to navigate and has an abundance of features for organized events and getting in touch with other bikers. 


Benefits of the App

The app provides a streamlined resource for getting in touch with your local biking community. While you may be able to find biking events through Facebook or Instagram, the app is much more convenient because you don't have to endlessly search for an event. This app highlights bike riding; all you have to do is input your location. There's no hassle, plus the app is easily accessible for those interested. 


The social aspect of this app makes it unique from other platforms. You can find routes, try them yourself, and comment your thoughts without relying on reviews or limited information. The ability to add a description and pictures is a fantastic resource for people who need more information about a route. There is no pressure to cultivate a large following or consistently push out content. It's about having fun, connecting with others, and maybe spiking some friendly competition among your friend group. 


Advocacy Efforts

Ride Spot is developed and organized by People for Bikes. This advocacy group seeks to increase daily bike riding by encouraging people to get out and ride their bikes. People for Bikes push for accessible biking infrastructure in cities, such as space on main roads for biking or bike-only streets. By creating transportation equity and investing in this framework, the group supports local communities, commuters, and avid bikers. In addition to promoting frequent bike riding, People for Bikes focuses on the positive effects of activity, like physical and mental health.


People for Bikes concentrate on mitigating the harmful effects of climate change by promoting biking as a sustainable mode of transportation. Downloading the Ride Spot app enables users to support their local communities and the advocacy behind People for Bikes. The app increases community bonds, strengthens individual relationships, and promotes a healthy lifestyle and sustainable planet. 


Everyone should feel like they belong, whether it be in a community or on the road. Ride Spot is an incredible resource for individuals joining biking events or recording their solo rides. The app supports the biking industry, equal transportation, and your health. What do you think of the app? Let us know and share your experiences with Ride Spot!


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