Summer Trails in Colorado

Need something fun to do this summer? Get outside and bike some of Colorado’s beautiful trails! With so many stunning places to visit, it can be hard figuring out what trips are worth your time. Here’s our list of Colorado’s must-ride trails to visit this summer!

Easy Biking Trails

Highline Trail

Highline Trail is a popular offshoot loop of the Highline Canal Trail in Aurora, Colorado. It’s 34.1 miles of flat, easy riding on a gravel road with a few inclines and gentle declines. Highline Trail is pretty popular, but it’s great practice for people learning how to ride off the pavement or who want a fun trail to finish their day. 


Cherry Creek Trail

Starting in Franktown and ending in Confluence Park, this 40-mile concrete and gravel trail is perfect for getting out and seeing Denver and its surrounding areas. The trail runs along Cherry Creek, so you’ll get that nature feel without ever being too far from the city. It’s a mostly flat ride connecting different parts of Colorado. This area is high-traffic, but it's good for those who want to get out for an easy ride. 


Rio Grande Trail

The Rio Grande Trail is a 43.5-mile paved bike path in Aspen, Colorado. This trail runs through the Roaring Fork Valley and connects Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. There are plenty of access points to other mountain biking trails throughout the path, meaning you can try something new each time you ride. It’s a great opportunity to explore the outdoors on your ebike while venturing into some new, higher-difficulty trails. 


Coyote Song Trail

Coyote Song Trail is in South Valley Park in Littleton, Colorado. It’s an easy 1.6-mile trail connecting with the surrounding intermediate-level South Valley Loop Trail. Coyote Song has a dirt path with a few gradual climbs, quick descents, and a couple of steep parts. You’ll also get a breathtaking view of the mountains and red sandstone rock formations spotting the valley during your ride. 


Switzerland Trail

This trail is in Nederland, right outside Boulder. Switzerland Trail falls between easy and moderate difficulty due to mixed terrain, moderate grade, and uphill climb. This 17.6-mile trail guides you along abandoned, historic railroad tracks from the 1900s. This trail is done in sections, so the overall difficulty depends on the section you’re biking. Switzerland Trail is a good starting point for beginner mountain bikers ready to take on a more challenging ride.

Intermediate Biking Trails

Greenland Open Space 

This 19.3-mile open-space loop in Monument is a fantastic trail for beginners practicing more intermediate routes. Greenland Open Space connects Spruce Meadows, Spruce Mountain, and Palmer Lake with gravel and dirt terrain. The mild grades and sparse obstacles make this trail a fun option for beginner to intermediate mountain bikers who want to feel more challenged with their rides. For more experienced bikers looking for a quick and challenging ride, we also recommend trying Spruce Mountain Loop


Mount Herman Road

Near Palmer Lake, this 11.6-mile intermediate trail takes you in front of Mount Herman and rewards you with a beautiful view of Pikes Peak and Woodland Park. It isn’t a technical trail, but you will be biking uphill the entire ride. Mount Herman is an excellent low-traffic, high-payoff trail for those up to the challenge. 


Old Fall River Road

Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Old Fall River Road is a 9.2-mile trail leading uphill. It features a fun climb with tight, twisting sections, switchbacks, and obstacles. Once you reach the top, you’re rewarded with a beautiful view of all the mountains surrounding Pikes Peak. 


Palmer Divide Ranch Loop

The Palmer Divide Ranch Loop is in Lincoln Mountain Open Space in Larkspur. It’s a 4.1 mile, single-track dirt road with a mix of easy riding and somewhat challenging twisty sections. If you're wanting to try technical mountain biking with switchbacks and rock obstacles, Palmer Divide is a place to practice.


Ridgeline Open Space

Ridgeline Open Space Trail is a 9.9-mile loop in Castle Rock with a few connecting offshoot trails. The city recently joined all trail routes, so Ridgeline can be ridden as one route or by section. The loop has some technical parts, switchbacks, twisty turns, and brief climbs. 


Difficult Biking Trails

Cement Mountain

For those searching for some variety in their routes, Cement Mountain is for you. Located in Crested Butte, this 6.9-mile single-track trail features many obstacles, technical riding, climbing, and fast downhill riding. You can ride this in a loop along with other advanced routes, like Deadman Gulch and Rosebud Trail.


Dakota Ridge Trail

This 0.7-mile quick trail is worth the trip to Morrison. Dakota Ridge is very technical, with tons of rock and nature obstacles, jumps, and high drops. Don't forget to take a minute to appreciate the red rock-studded landscape.


Monarch Crest

Known as one of Colorado’s top five mountain bike rides, Monarch Crest is a must-visit. Nestled right near the ski area in Monarch, this 36.2-mile trail has a wide variety of elevations, grades, and pavements. For riders who want even more of a challenge, try the Monarch Crest to Agate Loop for more technical sections (and great views!) 


White Ranch: Technical Descent Tour

White Ranch’s Technical Descent Tour is a 13.6-mile single-track trail in Golden. It's a highly advanced trail with switchbacks, rock obstacles, steep climbing, and drops. It connects with a few different loops featuring similar obstacles, like Belcher Hill and Mustang Trail. White Ranch is a must-visit for mountain bikers who want to push their limits with a difficult trail. 


Deer Creek Canyon Loop

Deer Creek Canyon Loop is a 10.2-mile steep, technical trail featuring tricky obstacles. It’s very rocky and has a few switchbacks throughout the climb. You’ll encounter “The Wall,” a large stretch of granite steps and loose rock. It’s a tough incline to bike, but the flowy downhill portions make up for the challenge. 

We hope you’re just as excited about summer bike rides as we are! What other trails are you looking forward to riding? If you’re looking for a new ebike or need to book an annual maintenance appointment, we’re happy to help. Swing by our store or visit our website for more information. 

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