Voltaire Cycles Featured in Highlands Ranch Lifestyle Magazine

August 2020 - Voltaire Cycles is honored to be featured in the August issue of Highlands Ranch Lifestyle magazine! Although the U.S. has been slow to take root, e-Bikes are quickly gaining popularity. Electric scooters and skateboards too are finding a strong following in young professionals who are looking for a lighter way to commute between train and office. We pride ourselves in the quality and safety of our products.

Highlands Ranch Lifestyle magazine is the digital destination for local living— a one-stop-shop for hyper local, expertly curated content for you that inspires and connects communities. We at Voltaire Cycles are proud to have been recognized as an integral part of the Highlands Ranch community. Since opening in February and managing through COVID, we have made it a priority to connect with our community. We hope to see you in the store soon and riding around the beautiful Highlands Ranch community on your new e-Bike!

About Voltaire Cycles

Voltaire Cycles was founded on the idea of designing, building, and importing exciting new technologies in the personal electric mobility industry. Our shop features a broad selection of PEVs that showcase innovation. These included electric scooters, electric skateboards, solowheels, electric bicycles, electric trikes, and electric recumbents. Our shop motto is "Ride Far, Ride Free, Ride Green!".

We not only operate as a convenient online store for all things related to bicycling, but also serve as the neighborhood bike shop. We strive to maintain a welcoming atmosphere where people with the love for bicycles can bask in the pure love for the craft! We work to provide all our customers with bicycle products that uphold the highest standard of quality and the latest in innovation! Continue Reading

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