18 Ideas to Replace Driving With Biking

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know how much we preach biking over driving! Especially in the summer months, it’s super easy to take a quick bike ride rather than hop in the car.

There are so many ways you can replace driving with biking. Some you might not have thought of! The best way to replace driving is to take trips that don’t require you to carry much. Although you could get a basket on your e-bike, it’s easier to keep your load light! Keep reading for our best ideas on how to opt for biking instead of driving.

Family Ride

Biking is a great family activity! Get your little ones set up in a carrier, a tandem bike, or one of their own. There are tons of trails in Denver that are great for kids.

Date Night

Make it a date and take a ride! You could make the bike ride the date or bike somewhere to enjoy some quality time together.


Take a trip to the movies on your e-bike! It’s great to ride your e-bike to and from the movies since you’ll be sitting for a few hours.


Denver has so many breweries; there’s probably one within a few miles of your house! If you’re a beer drinker, take your bike to enjoy your brew.


Have you ever biked to a restaurant? Work up an appetite before your meal. Just remember you have to bike back with any leftovers!

Sunrise or Sunset

Ride your bike to watch the sunrise or sunset! Especially in the suburbs of Denver, there are great places to watch the sunset over the mountains.

replacing driving with biking


You might need a bike basket for this trip! Gather your pool essentials, hit a trail, and get your tan on.

Gym or Rec Center

Why not extend your workout? Try biking to the gym to get a good cardio warmup.


The park is a great place to bike to! Bring a picnic, soccer ball, or just yourself and enjoy the sun at the park.


Biking to work is a great way to avoid rush hour and get some exercise in before your workday. Our commuter e-bikes are made just for this!

Coffee or Brunch

Meet a friend for coffee or brunch on your e-bike. Better yet, bring them along on your ride.

Grocery Store

This is for quick trips only! The grocery store is a great errand to run on an e-bike; just make sure you don’t buy so much that you can’t carry it home. 


Have you thought about biking to the library? Bring your book returns and pick up a few more to enjoy reading in the sun this summer.

Farmer's Market

There are so many farmer's markets around town. Take a trip to one on your e-bike and browse through the vendor tents. Remember your basket if you plan on buying some goodies! 

farmers market biking


Concerts always have the worst and most expensive parking! Instead, ride your bike to skip the traffic and get straight into the venue. 

Ice Cream

Ice cream is always a good idea 🍦 Take your family or a date on a bike ride to grab some ice cream.


A stop at the bank is a great job for an e-bike. You don’t need to carry much with you, and it’s usually a quick trip.

Sports Games

Baseball, basketball, football, soccer… the possibilities are endless! Instead of paying for parking and dealing with traffic at professional sports games, ride your bike. You could also do this for kids' school or club games! 

Don’t forget to follow the rules of biking. Review Colorado’s bicycle-related laws before taking trips on your bike. We want to make sure everyone stays safe and enjoys their ride.

The opportunities to bike instead of drive are endless. Get creative with how you ride! With e-bikes, you can ride further, longer, and faster, which means you can get your exercise in for the day and check other things off your list. What other ideas do you have for biking instead of driving? Share it with us on Instagram!

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