Why an eBike is Worth the Investment

Whether you bike every day or you’re just getting started, every rider can agree that researching bikes and finding all the information you need is a time-consuming process. This is especially difficult if you’re trying to decide between an eBike or a traditional bike! We think anything a traditional bike can do, an eBike can do even better. We’ve compiled essential information you need to know about eBikes, their benefits, and what you should expect when you purchase your next bike. 

Key Differences Between Electric Bikes and Traditional Bikes

The primary difference between traditional bikes and electric bikes is that eBikes have an electric motor, battery, and a BMS (battery management system) for pedal assist. The purpose behind an eBike is the pedal assist function. Low assist means you’ll get some power behind your pedaling, which gets you further faster. High assist is meant for uphill support. You will still pedal, but the motor does a lot of the work. Many eBike brands have a power screen display so you can see your cadence, battery level, and miles per hour. 

If you have the motor and pedal assist off, then your eBike is essentially the same as a traditional bicycle. When you turn pedal assist on, you can travel quicker and further. On average, eBikes can travel between 20-28 MPH, whereas traditional bikes travel 10-14 MPH. You can expend less energy and still get further on an eBike compared to a traditional bike. 

E-Bikes and traditional bike designs aren’t too different, either. The wheels, handlebars, frame, seat, and pedals are the same. An eBike’s frame will sport a battery and motor, but it won’t inhibit your pedaling. It will also be a bit heavier compared to a traditional bike because of the battery and motor, but most models only carry a few extra pounds. 

You’ll have to charge your eBike’s battery according to your instruction manual. If your battery is drained, a full charge will take between 3.5 to 6 hours, depending on the eBike you purchase. E-Bike battery charging instructions are very strict because you’ll want your battery to last for years. If there’s one thing eBike owners will tell you, it’s that you have to be diligent about charging and battery storage for your eBike to last. 

Lastly, eBikes aren’t always allowed on trails because many states categorize them as motor vehicles. E-Bikes don’t release emissions (since they’re electric), but they’re classified this way by their speed output. If you’re into trail riding, eBikes are a great option for conquering steep hills and getting through tricky courses. Check the trail info and regulations before taking your eBike for a spin! 

Is an eBike Worth the Investment?

Many factors go into this decision, like storage space, maintenance, electricity costs for charging, intended use, and how often you plan to ride your eBike. E-Bikes are an amazing investment for commuters who rely on their bicycle to get to work, school, or run errands. If you’re into trail riding or want to bike for exercise, eBikes are a great addition! E-Bikes are less physically demanding than regular bikes because of the pedal assist function. This creates less impact on your joints and requires less exertion for riders who need low-impact exercise.

If you’re seriously considering an eBike, think about how much you’re really willing to spend. Basic models can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000. Why? These models are made with higher-quality parts and tested technology. Your eBike will be an investment, so you want to purchase something that will last you for years. We recommend brands like Aventon, Yamaha, Bluejay, Cannondale, and Magnum.

We don’t recommend spending any less than $1,000 on an eBike from an unfamiliar or unestablished brand. These manufacturers tend to use cheaper parts and tech, leading to consistent maintenance issues that result in repair prices being more than the value of the bike. 

Most higher-quality performance eBikes fall within the $3,000 to $9,000 price range. These eBikes are considered best-in-class because of quality parts, sophisticated tech, and warranties. These bikes are built to last for years and can easily withstand frequent use. If you’re unsure about the quality of these bikes, stop in and take a few for a spin

E-Bikes don’t require much more maintenance compared to a regular bike, but you should pay attention to your battery care so your eBike can stay in quality condition. The tech on your eBike makes it a sophisticated piece of equipment, so it’s crucial to prioritize taking care of the battery and motor. Since most eBike batteries are lithium, carefully follow your eBike’s charging instructions. Generally speaking, charge the battery in a stable climate (60℉-70℉) and top off the battery after every ride. Be careful not to overcharge, though.

Avoid riding in extreme weather conditions (below 14℉ and above 120℉) because it will decrease your bike’s performance and potentially damage the battery. Lastly, annual maintenance and frequent cleaning are essential. Check your tire pressure and grease terminals, gently wipe the display screen, and take care of the frame. You should always book an annual tune-up to address any potential issues with your eBike. 

To answer the initial question, it's worth it to invest in an eBike! Whether you’ve been riding for years or you’re just getting started, eBikes are a viable option for your workout routine, commute, or leisure. If you want to take a test ride and explore your eBike options, stop in Electric Wheels today! We carry hundreds of eBike models, and we’re excited to help find the perfect eBike for you. Give us a call, check out our website, or stop in-store to view our selection.

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