Why Could an eBike be Good for You?

Our goal is to start changing people's mindsets around e-bikes. While e-bikes are gaining popularity, some consumer attitudes indicate that they aren’t fully understood yet. 

One popular misconception labels e-bikes as “cheating” when that couldn’t be further from the truth! Actually, e-bikes aren’t much different from traditional bicycles. You’ll still gain the same health benefits on an e-bike as you would on a regular bike.

We believe that e-bikes can make the same (if not more) positive impact on your physical and mental health. E-bikes make exercise or your commute fun! Let’s address why e-bikes are another alternative to conventional biking and why you should give them a spin!

Overcome The Barrier of Getting Exercise

Whether you haven’t exercised in a while, you’re just starting, or you dislike exercise, e-bikes are a great way to sneak in some miles. We get that the gym can be daunting, and it might not be for everyone! There can be a lot of barriers to going to the gym, like lack of accessibility or time.

E-bikes are a terrific option for getting exercise outside of the gym. If you’d prefer to exercise outside or try out trails near your house, e-bikes are a convenient method of adventuring and training. This makes getting exercise accessible and fun! 

Wondering what e-bike would be best for the type of exercise you're looking to get? Check out our recommendations on different e-bikes!

A Great Workout

While we’re thinking about overcoming barriers to exercise, we should address another misconception about e-bikes. Some people like to say you won’t get the same quality workout on an e-bike as you would a regular bike, but that’s completely untrue. Did you know that e-bikes offer the same cardiovascular benefits from a workout as conventional bikes? E-bikes can make your workouts harder, too! E-bikes allow you to adjust the intensity level; you can ramp up your ride or take it slow. 

E-bikes are great for taking on a variety of terrains, whereas conventional bicycles might be better suited for paved roads or trails (depending on the one you buy). The e-bike motor allows you to take on these terrains easily, so it can be a tool to train and get used to riding. It’s easier to progressively overload your workouts to get harder with an e-bike by lowering how much the motor works to help you pedal. 

Cardiovascular health is vital for maintaining your well-being. Studies show there are lots of mental health benefits in addition to physical health benefits, like stress relief, decreased feelings of anxiety and depression, and improved cognitive functioning. Everyone deserves to find an exercise they enjoy doing, leading us to another reason why e-bikes are good for you.

Physical Limitations

Other forms of aerobic exercise, like conventional biking and running, are stressful on the body. It could be old age, physical limitations, or recovery from an injury or surgery that bars you from exercise you love. Not everyone can participate in these high-intensity sports, so it’s crucial to find sustainable alternatives to the movement they enjoy. 

Luckily, e-bikes are a great alternative to these high-intensity exercises. You can easily change the motor function on the bike, placing less stress on your knees when pedaling. 

As you age, you naturally lose bone density and muscle mass. The motor in e-bikes provides more mobility and functional strength training than you could get on a regular bike because you can do longer exercise sessions. If you’ve recently been struggling to bike or engage in physical activity because of limitations, try out an e-bike!

E-bikes aren’t at all “cheating” in exercise! On the contrary, e-bikes are awesome tools that make movement more accessible to people. Would you tell a person using a weight machine that they're not exercising because they aren’t using dumbbells? Of course not! This reasoning shouldn’t apply to e-bikes because it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you are still exercising!

A Sustainable Alternative to Driving

Are you trying to be more environmentally friendly? E-bikes can help you achieve your sustainability goals! E-bikes are much more sustainable than cars. Unlike cars, electric bicycles emit no carbon dioxide emissions or other pollutants. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, consider e-biking a sustainable alternative. E-biking will save you time and money while getting in those extra exercise minutes. 

E-biking can easily save you money on gas and parking. If you regularly drive, you know the impact growing gas prices have on commuters. Paying to park adds up quickly, too. Commuting via e-bike can help alleviate some of those gas expenses and save you hundreds of dollars each month. 

If you drive, think about all the traffic you encounter on your way to work. Avoiding the morning rush can be a hassle, especially if you live in a busy city. Consider biking to work instead of driving to bypass traffic and save time on your commute. The motor in e-bikes helps you pedal between 20-28 miles per hour, so you’ll get to your destination faster than you would ride a conventional bicycle. 

You can also ride your e-bike for quick errands! E-bikes can effortlessly carry anything you pick up. Purchase a bike rack to hold your groceries, gym bag, or backpack. 

No matter what, you should enjoy the exercise and activity because it makes you feel good. E-bikes are a great way to achieve your exercise goals, improve your health, and positively influence your mental health. Are you ready to take a test ride and try the benefits of e-bikes? Stop in today or contact us to try our great selection of e-bikes!

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